When There Is No Light

by Apocryphal

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Say my name: Satan! You are my mortal preachers! Say my name: Satan! We are inspired by Chaos! Every death in his name is a fallen star, a dying life. Dark that comes...devoured by fog! A God inside: Satan! Who leads my hand: stronger! To be myself I destroy these worms! We are tears of your blood, part of your being, fatal flash of light spawned by storm! Arm your hand: disciple! To rip thy flesh! And let it flow: over this fucking world! Lying by nightfall, dyed by blood, tremble my spire, ready to war! I feel in my throat hate sensations, contorting my guts, “Extermination!” Here in my soul desire to kill, holding a dagger making My Will! Open your mouth! Screaming my name! Evoking Satan! God in my veins! Lying by nightfall, dyed by blood, tremble my spire, ready to war! Open your mouth! Screaming my name! Evoking Satan! God in my veins!
Under this starry sky we send an Offer To Stars, we bring the victim to monolith of great god, on his hands to the sky. Exhalations carried by the wind. Ritual has begun, in the city of celestial cult! The altar stained by blood and tears laden by energy of universe! Fire burns, flesh turns black, blood boils. Earthly life will turn off, but cry scends to heaven and continues its journey through the stars, wandering in desolation, seeing birth of twilight. Embrace this offer, supreme creatures of the sky, may the blood of infant bring us your protection. Mighty demons of universe, slide as lifeblood power through our veins. Cymbals and drums will cover cries of newborn and the agony of parents! This is the worship of stars, celebration beyond the space and time, pledge is the blood and serve is to kill. Dark is the way to the Gods
Great spiked pole penetrates your mouth and pass into your naked body. Wretched nasty life now you’re cannon fodder. Disgusting way to die! Vortex of violence tear your flesh like mush and blood flowing like a river from mouth and anus. What a sumptuous dinner for the vultures, they don’t descry a man from an animal, their beaks penetrates the carcass. Your body crushed on the ground by the inevitable weight of death. Dirty blood and shit flushing on the pole! Degradation of life: VIOLENCE OF UNIQUE GOD! Infernal machines open wide my human limbs! From “meat” to “waste”: VIOLENCE OF UNIQUE GOD! Hot iron burn my hacked-dried skin, smell makes me retch: VIOLENCE OF UNIQUE GOD! My arms are now dead weights! Only long tunics pleased to observe my walking corpse: VIOLENCE OF UNIQUE GOD! Demoniac, possessed! You are Antichrist! A bunch of nails pierces my cranium! What did they learn by the death of their prophet? Nothing. Here…the violence of unique god!
Unbelievers, infidels, drunk by blood of saints, soiled by blood of those who died for faith. Led by a glorious vision: end the eternal captivity…Under the Black Flag Of Babylonia! Babylonia! Impure souls and demons’ nation, through black marble ruins yearn the final strife! Your mysterious name evokes an act of power, it fills our hearts, expand our sight. Monolithic towers spire between eastern dark clouds, scaring angels of Paradise! Christians here is your Retribution! Be a martyr! Cross the threshold! Babylonia mighty wonder of the flesh, who soars to God from the abyss to the highest sky. Great dragon! trampling human…lies, dripping down to ground like blood, from wounds open like mouths expiring their last lies! Great Mother spill your cup full of abominations and all the horrors of the world! Sanctification of nothing! Annihilation of liar! Above christians ruins we build a New Empire! Carried in spirit in the desert here the vision of the black beast. Covered by name of blasphemy! We will fighting against the Lamb! And we’ll defeat this “King”, the “Lord of lords” and his believers. Under the Black Flag Of Babylonia
Midnight Sky 08:12
Daylight unveils how human is a slave who long for rest as a soldier who hopes for reward. Life is a blow, a wire slip down from fingers. You feel get lost among heartbroken glances. We arouse as creature of abyss watching the moonlight on surface. Rise the groan of dying man, the shout of souls! But God doesn't care these supplications! “No eyes watching us!” A mystic veil on our faces like a shroud: to kill or die, and spread our shadow under a Midnight Sky. “When there is no light: slayer rise!” “Waits the dark: the adulterous eye!” “in the gloom: they force the homes!” ...and no one would takes my hand... “There are those who adverse the light, don't know its ways nor dwelling in its paths” “They don't mind about the light; dawn for them is a specter of death.” I confess! I'm searching the Night! I’ll pay this price: losing my soul! On your throat I led my eyes! I’m holding your flesh, I’m smelling your fright! When I'm crawling a blade on your skin I feel like God dividing Light from Dark. I pour this blood, Night be my witness: I will join the Legion of Shadows. I Am no one, my life is done like a blow faded in dark who belong to You: eternal. To be remembered, I just want to kill: but I’m a shadow under a Midnight Sky! “When there is no light: slayer rise!” “Waits the dark: the adulterous eye!” “in the gloom: they force the homes!” ...and Satan will takes my hand! Midnight Sky!
My heart was haughty, I said “I’m God” sitting on throne divine above the seas. Filled with violence and sins, you made me perish through burning stones. My heart was proud, my wisdom was corrupted, because of my glory I was thrown to the ground! I was picture of purity, full of wisdom, supreme in beauty, coated with glory, like a cherub with mighty wings, walking through burning stones! While I’m the creature, and not a God While I’m the creature, but not a God Liar! I will return! Tyrant! To my Original Glory! Perfect I was, in my behavior, till iniquity was found in me. Perfect I was, in my behavior, till iniquity was found in me. Liar! I will return! Tyrant! To my original… Liar! I will return! Tyrant! To my original glory!
Vision Of Last Pagan Night! As an heron, avoiding the dark and flying to dusk! As an awakening hopeless, I found it, my vision, when I gave up to looking for! Into the night every color fades, under the moon by silver rays, becoming shade of blue. Listen to faint gurgling of river, smelling the leaves, watching the dark, carry my soul out of space and time, so I can get my vision! Cosmic picture! Boughs like bones arms are searching the sky, pagan stars watching homesick as dead souls! Walking my path: standing crosses, calling my god… This is my vision: standing crosses, calling my god…Evil! Evil, Demon, Evil… Satan! Vision Of Last Pagan Night! I will remember and don’t want to forget, the pain of a day which equals millenniums. So I drank from the river of oblivion to forget in the tears an entire life. Now I drink from the river of memory to remember my death and holds it in spirit. May this vision of past becomes wind who leads to a future where there will be no more “faith”, “gospel”, “evil”, “God”! Faith! Gospel! Evil! God!


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released February 9, 2018


all rights reserved



Apocryphal Verona, Italy

Apocryphal tell stories, feelings and thoughts of who lived in the shadow by the tales of the Holy Bible, and who was denied and who played the part of the loser in the Christian tradition.
Our music reflects the simplicity of these apocryphal stories, but also all their evocative power.
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